Monday, May 03, 2010

We are sick but we are fun

What I thought was an allergy attack turned out to be a lovely Spring cold. One of those colds where you stay dizzy and feverish in bed all day and you thank your lucky stars that you have an awesome partner and co-mom. Karen and Kylie had a blast all weekend while my view was pretty much this.

Still, I managed to catch a few funny moments.

Like this one. When Karen comes home, Kylie asks her Momma to swing her around and around and then toss her onto the pillows of the bed. It's one of their rituals.

We got Kylie this foam sword at Michaels. I find the coolest stuff there. The sword was a huge hit and earned us several hours of hearing Kylie "Charge!" here and there.

And this one really doesn't need an explanation.

My girls can come up with the funniest stuff.


Alayna said...

So sorry you were/are sick. I hope you feel better soon! Adorable photos of Karen and Kylie, by the way...

Mrs. Beer said...

You all look like you're always having fun no matter the circumstances! That is so admirable!

Kerry Lynn said...

I had a cold all weekend too then maddie got some gi thing. We were up all sunday night. She still feverish now but not throwing up anymore but now my stomach feels like it's gearing up for it too. Stomach bugs are the worst!!