Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Private and independent

Little Kylie has marched up to me three times over the past two days and said, "Mommy, you stay right here." Then she has gone into the bathroom, shut the door and used the facilities.

When I wildly cheered for her after she came out, she looked at me like I was more than a little strange. Nonchalant. That's my kiddo.

Coincidentally, she has skipped her nap for the past three days. During her scheduled naptime, she lays in her bed, singing her songs and talking with her stuffed animals until she's had enough and asks if it is time to open the door yet. So I get a bit of a quiet reprieve but my head has running mantra of "She's not sleeping; she's not sleeping" so I've not been as productive as usual during her naptime.

I did manage to finish this scrapbook page. Its wild & scattered & grungy look is very indicative of my current state of mind. Oh well. I managed to get it done.

Here are some more recent pictures.




kiles1670 said...

Kylie is growing up so fast. You are all so blessed :-)
Thank you for sharing your life with us

Miss Liz said...

My little one is starting to do the same thing at nap time, which is the time I usually take to get as much as I can done around the house. I love the scrapbook page!