Thursday, May 06, 2010

Portraits and banks

Kylie drew this the other day- all by herself. I was so tickled.

And yesterday in art class, she made this fun little chick picture. The "nest" is shredded wheat cereal.

I think Kylie inherited my Nanny J's canny ability to find money. Kylie spots coins on the ground all the time. We got her a little flip-top bank to store it. Right now there are 3 quarters, 10 dimes, 9 nickels and 12 pennies in it. Way to go Kylie.

Here are a few random pictures.

She's creating a mermaid garden here on our back porch.

After a long day of photo journalism, Kylie tucks her trusty camera into her boot and rests under a tree.


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ajs4ever said...

She is growing up way too fast! She is a very creative little cutie! Love the artwork!