Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Body pump and playground

Yesterday I took a "body pump" class at my new gym. You use barbells to work out your chest, biceps, triceps, back and leg muscles over the course of an hour. The music was strong and the class was competitive.

About halfway through the class, when every little muscle in my body was quivering and I was thinking, "What in the world am I doing here? Am I crazy?", I looked over and saw a woman who was in her mid-70's who was in terrific shape and was just busting her workout.

I thought, "That's why. I want to be her in my 70's. Actually I want to be her now. Her barbell isn't shaking at all and my barbell looks like I'm have an epileptic fit because it's jittering so much."

Of course this morning, the only thing I can do that doesn't hurt my extremely sore muscles is to sit here and type.

Remember when working out just playing at the playground with your friends? Ah, those good ole days.





Laurie said...

That last picture is gorgeous! I love it!

Teaberry said...

I want to be her, too!

Amy said...

I hope you weren't too discouraged after the class - shaking means that you did Bodypump correctly! If your muscles aren't shaking at the end of a set, then you are supposed to increase your weight for that muscle group set.

Have you tried any of the other Les Mills classes? I'm alternating between Bodypump 3x a week and Bodycombat 3x a week (with a day off) and I LOVE Bodycombat!