Monday, June 07, 2010


So many new sounds here in Florida:

The sound of my daughter's bare feet slapping against the tile floors as she runs around our house.
How our voices bounce around a bit more than I'm used to due to the high ceilings and tile floors.
The wind in the palm trees--sounds like scratchy rain and always makes me look out the window.
The sounds of pouring rain hitting the roof of our Florida room.
The plop of kumquats from the tree beside on our driveway.
Seagulls and the sound of some other Florida bird's call (never heard it before but each time I hear it, I think it sounds like a parrot.)
The loud cicadas and even louder nighttime tree frogs.

Such wonderful new sounds.

And I'm in serious love with these huge trees filled with Spanish moss that we pass on our way to the ocean.


Teaberry said...

SOUNDS awesome!

Michelle said...

Its beautiful! We are considering this area, or a near by area for our retirement. Love it.