Monday, June 28, 2010


Wow! The weekend seemed to fly by.

On Saturday mornings, I get to sleep late and Momma Karen and Kylie go out to play. They enjoy breakfast together at one of their favorite restaurants and then run errands or have adventures. This past Saturday, Kylie got a haircut. And as an extra special bit of fun, she got her hair braided.


We were all so pleased with how pretty it looked.

And as another special treat from the kiddie haircut salon, Kylie got a dab of sparkle fingernail polish. I hadn't planned on painting her nails for quite some time but she was so tickled with her "fairy dust fingers".

On Sunday mornings, Momma sleeps in and Kylie and I go to the ocean.

The tide was in this Sunday and there were no tide pools but we did find this very cool sand bunker. Kylie was fascinated with it.


So, how was your weekend?


Caroline said...

I love seeing all the things you guys are doing and I especially love all the photos of the beach. You guys are so lucky to be living so close to the ocean.

I love the pic of Kylie on the beach with the sun in the pic.

Beth said...

Kylie looks so cute with her braids!

It really seems like you are living in paradise... so wonderful.

really makes me want to move from NoVa... I'm sure you can understand!;)

Stacey said...

Looks like a great weekend. Love the ocean pictures. You live in such a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

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Library Mary said...

So, I don't live near the beach....what is that?


Wendy and Karen said...

HI Library Mary,

Were you asking about the big hole at the beach where Kylie was playing? If so, it's just a big hole :) Where some kids or adults dug out a bunch of sand. We didn't get to see them build it or how they used it. And it was gone once the tide came in.

It made for some neat pictures though.

Thanks for reading!