Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Magnolia leaves and vacuum cleaners

We have a huge beautiful Magnolia tree in our front yard. The blossoms fill the air with the sweetest fragrance. Unfortunately, it drops a large amount of leaves everyday.

So after school, Kylie and I go pick them up and put them in our yard debris can.

And today, I picked them up while little miss sat and cheered me on after pulling all of her accoutrements out of the garage.

So she's not very interested in picking up leaves (which would be very helpful). But she insists on holding onto the vacuum cleaner the entire time (not helpful at all).

Here are a few recent scrapbook pages:
slide mania.jpg



Missi said...

oh noooooo!!!!! I have a magnolia tree in my front porch and I hate it!!! My garden is full of leaves!!!

my kids and I, pick it up everyday too!!!

Looks like the new life is going easy!

H2 said...

Our daughters do the licking doors thing too...had to stop that though. They got the idea from our pit bull and I'm not keen on the idea of their spit mixing. Blech. :)

Clare said...

Haha your post today has put a smile on my face to start the morning off! I love your chilled out attitude to Kylie, how you just go along with whatever lead she takes, even if it involves 'painting' windows!! I also love how she sits watching you collect the leaves like she's sitting in front fo the TV to watch a good show! You're an inspirartional mum - I hope I can make life as much fun for my little boy.