Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bento box lunches

I've been a fan of Wendolonia's Bento box lunches for some time. I don't remember how I stumbled onto her blog but I was pleased at how she made a mundane activity such as preparing lunch in a lunchbox into something more pleasing to the eye.

This Fall, Kylie will have lunch at her pre-school and I'll happily join the scores of moms who make their kiddos lunches for their lunch boxes. I was lucky enough to find a store that had two bento boxes. I used this store locator to find them. And this week, for practice and for fun, I made my first two bento box lunches.

Turkey slices, a few bits of cheese, a roll, watermelon, grapes and oreo cookies. The two bins have white lids that snap on and then a plastic (and colorful with that Bunny!) lid that holds the two together.


The following day she had pb jelly sandwiches cut into heart shapes, pretzels, apples, diced dried apricots, chocolate-covered plum bites and a few jelly beans.

This set also has white lids that snap on and a plastic cover but it also needs a band to hold it together.

I could say that I'm doing bento lunches because it's better for the environment since I'm not using tons of plastic baggies each week. But the truth is, it's just more fun to do lunches this way!

Kylie was nonchalant about it all. She was more tickled that she got to feed her leftover bread to the gulls.


Allison said...

They're not cheap, but there's a company that called Laptop Lunches that makes a bento-style box that is AMAZING. Everything stays so well organized in it's little case and the clean-up is super easy. Totally worth checking out, IMO.

Wendy said...

Awesome job on your first bentos! They look wonderful and yummy. And thank you so much for the shout out. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

Just an FYI -- you've got your layers reversed on your blue box. The smaller layer should be on the bottom with the bigger one on top of it. You can see a picture of what I mean here:

maria said...

Hello. This is the first time I write you a comment. :) If your are interested you could check out this blog,
the writer makes bento lunches everyday for her two kids. It has some fun ideas that you could try!

Teaberry said...

I have an actual Bento box from Japan-- it is dark blue with very small little dragonflies stenciled on the top. It is held together with an orange band that has an apricot on it. Super cute! My friend, whose husband was stationed with the Navy in Japan at the time, sent it to me. I use it all the time during the school year.