Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Kylie and I went to Hannah Park this afternoon.

Although they have some very fun water-fountain sprinklers, I don't think we will be back. Why?

Because of this.
I thought this sign was a joke but it was posted several times.

And notice, it doesn't say "Beware of alligators". Oh no, it just says "Hey, they are around (and to such a degree that we need to post signs about them) but please don't feed them."

Yep, I live in Florida.


Mickey Blumental said...

Maybe the sign is also a subtle warning, meaning that you shouldn't feed the alligators with your own flesh?

Shannon said...


Merry said...

I had to blink for a moment at seeing cats listed right next to alligators in the do-not-feed category. :P

I'm guessing they include the cats, racoons and possums mostly because if YOU don't feed the alligators, and you don't feed the things the alligators eat either, maybe-just-maybe the alligators will go away?

Teaberry said...

Heh... once we stayed in a cottage on a lagoon in Hilton Head. There was a little dock over the water where I'd have my coffee every morning. About the fourth day there, I noticed the "Welcome to the Cottage" binder the owners left to acquaint the guests. One of the first things it said was "DO NOT sit on the dock, as there are alligators in the lagoon." I bet some alligators had seen me every morning and were like, "Okay, tomorrow, let's get her."

Nada said...

Thats funny and scary at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Florida! Don't think that because the signs aren't posted somewhere that means there aren't wild critters roaming. I recently had a snake pit/breeding ground next to my home in New Smyrna Beach.