Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I love Lightroom and Photoshop

So many times the photographer of the family never shows up in any pictures. So I was pleased when a gentleman offered to take my picture with Kylie yesterday morning at the ocean.

I was less than thrilled when he turned my Nikon to automatic and fired off this shot. The flash (heaven help me...the flash!!) went off just as I was kneeling next to the kiddo. But I thanked him profusely anyway.

When I got home, I groaned when I saw the picture. Here it is straight out of the camera.

And here it is with some Lightroom and Photoshop work.

I still don't like how it looks like we are in front of a poster of the ocean instead of being there (the flash can separate the people from the background so horribly) and the coloring is still wonky. But hey, it's a picture of me and the kiddo! And aren't her eyes just amazing!


Loralou said...

so nice to see you! i get stacy to take pics of me all the time, it's important!

H2 said...

I feel like I'm always behind the camera too. Makes me irritated sometimes because Hope takes such great pictures. I'm glad you got a pic of you and the babe. What is lightroom? I so desperately want a manual digital camera.

Anonymous said...

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