Wednesday, July 07, 2010

She's quite a singer

"She's quite a singer," said Kylie's teacher as she brought Kylie to the car for pick-up.

"She sang for you?" I replied.

"Oh yes, she sang out loud the entire time on the playground".

I got Kylie buckled in her carseat and we said our good-byes to her teacher. As I pulled away from the school, I asked Kylie what she sang for everyone.

"Mary had a little lamb", she replied. "And then," she said in that hurriedly excited way when she has something important to say. "And then this girl came over and shouted at me to stop singing. She was really loud at me and really close."

"Did you stop singing Kylie?"

"No! I told her no and kept singing and then I threw mulch at her".

(I'm biting my cheek to keep from laughing). "Did you get a time-out for throwing mulch Kylie?"

"Nope, I got away with it", she said with a mischievous smile.

Just a fun little story. Karen and I crack up every time we tell it. I think it is way funnier to us than anyone else.

Here are two recent pictures.



Kira said...

I am always amazed at Kylie's vocabulary! She is such a smart little girl. Just reading the things she says makes me feel very proud of her and she doesn't even know I exist lol I love watching her grow ^.^

Stacey said...

LOL They say and do the funniest things.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Hi, good evening Wendy & Karen. It's been a while since I've posted to your blog,or even up-dated my own personal blog in such a long time... (been busy working, manageing school and being an Aunt to a precious baby girl)...but I do read every entry.

Just wanted to say best wishes to the two of you and your precious girl on your new move to Florida. (I'm actually back in Tampa, Florida now).

What a joy it is also hearing about your lives and seeing all the milestones in Kylie's life.

The two of you are such wonderful people, and thank you for sharing your lives through this blog.

I've learned a great deal about things through this blog, and also wanted to say keep of the great work of being wonderful parents to Kylie.