Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Modesty game

We played a little game with Kylie the other night at home to try to teach her about modesty. The game went like this: I would stand or sit or walk properly. Kylie would yell, "Modest!" And then I would do things that Kylie has been doing lately like reach down her shorts and grab her bottom or pull her skirt up or pull her shirt up. And Kylie would yell "Immodest!"

I think it made the point about some of her immodest behavior. And it really made her giggle to see me and Momma Karen acting immodestly. Now I just hope that she doesn't want to play the modest/immodest game in public!


Dani said...

Hahah! What a cute little game! Toddlers and their total lack of shame is so cute...until it starts happening in public!

H2 said...

Great idea. I might have to try that!

Holly B. said...

Love this idea! Have you seen a difference?