Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wednesday night was Kylie's "showcase" at her Montessori School. During the showcase, the children demonstrated some of the things that they have learned to do in class.

Kylie showed me how she can sort different colored cotton balls with a spoon.

She enjoyed putting all the Halloween ornaments on this tree.

Kylie spent a lot of time drawing around these various shapes.

She gave me a set too so that I could draw with her.

She used an oversized tack to poke holes along the lines of this pumpkin. This teaches little ones the grasp and control needed to write with a pencil. Kylie is using her left hand here.

And she uses her right hand for her cutting exercise. After she completes an exercise with paper, she puts her "work" into an envelope and then she puts the envelope into her school folder.

On Fridays, we get a bag of all her school work. It usually looks something like this.

Her showcase was a quiet affair. Kylie was so pleased to show me her classroom and some of the things she does in school. I am quite proud of her.

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