Sunday, October 03, 2010

Zoo trips and lips

On our trip to the zoo today, kiddo was all about "reading" her zoo map and telling me where she wanted to go and how we should get there.

We saw some new things at the zoo like red kangaros, lorikeets, and spider monkeys in the Australia exhibit.

Kylie played at the small kids playground and tree house and was enamoured with this pretend nest and egg. She did delightful aboriginal dances in celebration of big egs.

Her favorite part was going to the petting zoo for the first time. She gave all the goats full body/neck hugs.


Even though we had a delightful time, the trip also had its share of minor tribulations. At one point Kylie was pouting about something (I don't even remember what the pout was about) and I said, "Kylie honey, do you think you can stick that lip out any more?"

She assured me yes...yes she could.

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Louise said...

Cute! Love the pics with the goats.