Thursday, October 21, 2010

October beach

I got a bit nostalgic for Fall leaves the other day as I was reading friends' blogs and seeing the Fall colors.

But then after school on Tuesday Kylie asked me, "Can we please go to the ocean? Please, please, please?" It was 80 degrees and sunny. We slipped on our bathing suits (which are a bit worse for wear after a summer of heavy use), loaded up some water and raisins in our stroller and were off.


She was soooo happy! We stayed for about 3 hours.

We saw a beautiful, Halloween-colored, orange and purple starfish.

Kylie got very interested in making her sandcastles (instead of handing me the shovels and asking me to make it for her) complete with driveways and moats.

I had my long run on Tuesday--12 miles. My longest distance yet. My legs were protesting the 1/2 mile walk in flip flops and all the standing around and running after Kylie on the beach. So I got out a beach towel and sat down watching Kylie make her sandcastles and listened to my audio book. Kylie is usually running up and down--and up and down again. So sitting for a bit was very nice.

Before we left, Kylie wanted to play see-saw in the water with me. She likes me to sit in the waves. She sits on my lap and we take turns lowering our backs to the water like we are on a see-saw. There is the added benefit that when a wave comes, it usually picks me up a bit and twirls me around. This is Kylie's favorite part. I wouldn't say its a pleasant sensation having my legs and butt scrape against the sand over and over. But in my heart, I know that Kylie won't want to do this with me much longer. So I treasure our snuggle-in-the-waves, see-saw times.

When we got home, we both dumped inches of sand out of our suits, had our respective bath and shower and collapsed on the couch to veg out to some Little Einsteins. I got my first light sunburn (since moving to Florida) on my neck because I forgot to put sunscreen there. Kylie was coated up just fine. And my legs were screaming at me, promising me that I would pay that night and in the morning.

But I didn't care. You know... Late October in Florida...80 degrees and cool ocean water...It's all going to suit us just fine.


Stacey said...

Leaves are fine but you'll be loving that weather when we're freezing. lol

We'll be in Orlando March 26-April 1st if you're around at all...would love to say hello. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that living in Florida means you can go to the beach practically anytime! I'm glad you guys had fun!! I'm Ashley btw. I've been lurking on your blog for a few weeks and was excited to see you lived in Florida, seemingly close to me! I love how you spell Kylie btw. I have a Rylie. Anyway, just wanted to say "hello" :)