Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ah, the sweet bed

Look at all those stuffed animals on her bed!

One good thing that came from Kylie's head cold was that she started napping again. She naps about every other day for about an hour. I simply love nap time!

At night, our bedtime routine has evolved to prayer, then the "I Love You" song as Karen and I both stand and hold Kylie in a hug (otherwise known as the family hug). Then Kylie lays down on the bed and says, "Big Hug, Big Kiss, Little Hug, Little Kiss, Eskimo kisses" as first I and then Karen give her the hugs and kisses she wants. Then we spray "fairy dust" into room and then stroke her arms and legs and face with the fairy dust. Then we say our I love you's and good-nights one last time. Fortunately, this bedtime routine moves along pretty quickly. But it's interesting how Kylie has slipped in little bits to make it longer than it was a year ago.

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