Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween celebration, part one

Kylie's Halloween celebration began on Friday during Kylie's school day.

Her school put on a fabulous Halloween festival. Karen and I had both signed up as parent volunteers. I made 60 goody bags of stuff (30 for Karen's station and 30 for mine). Let me tell you, I was proud of those goody bags. One bag held a little notebook, a sheet of stickers, a pencil, two pumpkin-shaped erasers and a little plastic frog. The other bag held a small bottle of bubbles, a tiny kaleidescope, orange and black bracelets and a glow-in-the-dark plastic bat. We also provided stickers for some of the other decorations.

There were a lot of stations for the kids! Karen got to work the bean bag toss. I stepped away for just a moment to snap this picture of both my girls. Karen was awesome--giving high fives and cheers for all the children.

I got to work the "pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern poster" station. I had fun putting a tissue-covered mask on the kids and twirling them. With one twirl, the kids were dizzy and I had to keep my hands on their shoulders and help position their arms or most of the kids would have missed the pumpkin door completely.

By the end of two hours, Kylie had all of this of Halloween loot!
A pumpkin and ghost necklace (Kylie did a great job with this!), a mummy hand (plastic glove filled with popcorn and candy corn), a Halloween cup and balloon, two more pencils and two small sheets of stickers, five small tubs of play-doh, spider rings, a Halloween crown, two silly bandz, a sugar cookie that she decorated with icing and sprinkles, a pumpkin she decorated with stickers (she worked a long time on it; we had to drag her away from that station. But look at what a cool pumpkin she made!), the two gift bags we made and a pumpkin to hold it all. What fun!

And I had a blast making Kylie and special bento lunch for the day.

I had hoped to include her Halloween costume and pictures from Sunday but little one needs me so stay tuned for part two!

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Teaberry said...

OMG the mummy dog! I love it!!!