Sunday, November 28, 2010

First movie- Tangled

Today we took Kylie to the movie theater for the first time. Together, we saw the Disney movie, Tangled. We went with our friend Sarah and her daughter Lily. Kylie adores Lily. Here are some pictures of the girls taken at the theater before the movie started.


Lily modeled great theater behavior. Kylie sat quietly during the movie, only getting up to either sit on my lap or Momma Karen's. And she only spoke to ask me who the bad guys were, to give all of us some of her popcorn and to tell Lily (toward the end of the movie) that "Everything is going to be ok, Lily. Just wait and see."


I really wanted her to have a great movie experience. It was just adorable to see her sitting on her little theater booster seat, eating popcorn and drinking her iced-cherry drink. I think today was a huge success and look forward to taking her to more movies.


Missi said...

the miracle keeps growing and growing!!! She looks so sweet in the big chair at the theater.

Stacey said...

that's great. Riley hated the movie. She is super sensitive with any sort of "bad guys" or action and bawled when they cut her hair. LOL. oh well.