Monday, March 07, 2011

Right now

Right Now I am

...surprised at how tall Kylie looks to me. She is still shorter than her classmates but has definitely had a growth spurt. She suddenly can reach so much more in the house. She's wearing 4T clothes now.

...excited that Kylie has started swimming lessons again. Here she is warming up in the car after her first lesson.

...touched at how she covers her sweet head with the sheet as she sleeps.

...recovering from the shrinky dink incident. Kylie colored a mermaid shrinky dink for the first time. Even though I explained how it was going to shrink into a little charm in the toaster oven, Kylie screamed horribly when she saw the finished mermaid. You would have thought I was cooking kittens from the way she freaked out. No more shrinky dinks for now.

...tickled at how Kylie used the word "available" over and over throughout the day. My favorite phrase was: "The cats' ears are available for their hearing."

...looking for a piano teacher for Kylie.

...bemused that a large pile of dirt can be vastly entertaining for over an hour. She got quite a workout.



...appreciating pictures of pure kiddo delight.

...loving and missing Karen. She's so awesome; my best friend. I sleep horribly when she's gone.

...not missing cable tv. We turned in our cable boxes. We are using Apple TV for the few programs that Karen and I watch and DVD's for Kylie. up Diet Coke for Lent.

...knitting nothing. I have half of a ruched pillow knitted. I have to wind two more skeins to knit the other half. The yarn I'm using has some silk in it and it knots horribly. It has not been fun to knit at all. So I've procrastinated on this project and haven't started another because the silk yarn was so expensive and I don't have any extra yarn at the moment. I miss knitting at night.

...scrapping a few pictures when I can make the time.


...appreciating you dear readers. Thanks for stopping by!


Caroline said...

Love this post and love your blog!

rikje_l said...

Each time you post I have a wondeful time reading in the morning before I start to work. Thank you!

Mallory said...

What great pictures!! I sleep horrible when my wife and I are apart too. What kind of camera do you have?

Stacey said...

Great post. The comment about cooking kittens had me laughing. Kids are so funny that way--some things are so tragic that it's hilarious.

That dirt looks cool--so red!

Teaberry said...

Wow, Kylie looks so much littler in the scrapbook pictures! She has really grown up.