Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's happening

It's hard to believe it has been a week since I blogged. I looked at that this evening and thought, "Do I really have nothing to write about?" Hmmm.

And then I thought about having coffee with a friend in my living room. What would I want to share about our last few days?

And first off, I thought of how Kylie had an absolute meltdown when it was time to leave church last Sunday. I had to carry her screaming and squirming all the way to the car. I felt so very embarrassed. Even though I knew the parents I passed as I was carrying her could relate, I was still so shaken. It was the first time where the threat of a time-out didn't dint the little one freaking out. Of course, Kylie and I have both gotten past it. But it was a memorable event!

I would share how Kylie has been singing a new song she learned at school to the tune of "Frere Jacques". She sings:
Buenos dias. Buenos dias
Como estas? Como estas?
Muy bien, gracias. Muy bien gracias.
Y usted. Y usted.
(My apologies for not putting the correct marks and punctuation. I can't figure out how to do that on my computer).
Anyway, it's a lovely little song and she sings it so well. It makes me glad that her bilingual Montessori teacher from Bogota, Columbia is incorporating some Spanish into Kylie's education.

I would talk about how I take such simple delight in listening to Kylie explore new words. Today she said "collection" over and over. She rolled that word around in her mouth and practiced using it in different sentences. "I have a collection of seashells. Mommy has a collection of books." and so forth. I just beam at Kylie and think to myself. "I made her! That's so trippy!"

I would share how I found Jillian Michael's podcast through iTunes and what a pleasure it's been to listen to her on my iPhone. Karen and I are devoted Biggest Loser fans and will miss Jillian next year. I also found a worthwhile triathlon podcast.

I would talk briefly about training for the triathlon. I would share a few successes. And how I'm not progressing as fast as I first thought I would. I'm inching along rather than leaping forward. When I think about the gap between where I am and where I want to be, I get overwhelmed. So I divert my thoughts to working hard each workout and tell my monkey-brain to shut up and leave me alone.

I would tell you that I've scanned a bunch of Kylie's school work and artwork and plan to share it with you very soon. And that I took some pictures of Kylie swimming and will share those soon too.

I would show you this picture and talk about how the white towel thrown on the rocking chair bounced the light into Kylie's face in an interesting way. And how I was tickled I got off one unaffected shot...

before Kylie broke into the fake smile (which I think looks a little maniacal).

But mostly, I would want to listen to you and to give you my full attention. I wish you could each share a cup of coffee with me in my living room. But the blog communication will have to suffice for now. Cheers dear readers! Thanks for stopping by.


Kerry Lynn said...

I would adore to be able to come over for a play date and drink coffee with you.
We're going to disney May of 2012 that may be the closest we'll ever be :-(

Louise said...

Hmmmm...what an interesting post. Even though you might think that there is nothing going on, there really is. I'm just enjoying a cup of tea and wondering what I would share...

I would tell you that I've just tipped my toes into the world of blogging. Unfortunately, it is a boring homework blog for my students. I've been experimenting with my layouts and content. It is quite the learning curve. I'm practicing to see if I can do it for the rest of the school year and then I will be ready to "go live" for next school year.

I would tell you that I just finished my report cards and I'm exhausted. They aren't due until March 27th but I worked hard to get them finished early because...

I would tell you that next week is Spring Break!!!! I really need a break. School is stressful right now and recently (I had my gallbladder out in June) my tummy is really susceptible to stress. I've not been feeling great but I'm just trying to hang on for two more days and then I can hopefully relax because...

I'm going to be in Mexico with my mum and best friend for a week in the sun! I am so excited! I would tell you that I'm almost as excited to come home from Mexico because...

I would tell you that March 25th is the release date for the iPa.d2 in Canada!!!

There you cup of tea is done and it is time to finish the laundry!

Thanks again for the really is a tonic at the end of the day.

Stacey said...

Great update!!! She is too cute--love the forced smile. hahaha

We will be in Orlando on March 25th to April 1st. You aren't near there, right? We are also going to possibly head to Cocoa Beach while there. :) Excited!!