Sunday, March 20, 2011

School work and weekend fun

We love Fridays because Kylie gets to bring her week's school work home. She proudly shows me everything she's done.

She did four inset booklets, two cutting exercises, nine poking exercises (3 cats, 2 fish, one shamrock, one leprechaun and two pots of gold), a gluing exercise with the Irish flag, and 6 coloring pages (3 leprechauns, 2 fish and 1 dog).

Her school had a pet appreciation day. Children with pets got to bring their animals to school and show them to their classmates. I put some pictures of Kylie's two cats, Phoebe and Chloe, together with a note that explained her cats were too shy to come to school. Her teacher told me that Kylie enjoyed showing the pictures to all her chums.

I'm not sure of the photographer of these photos. I found them on the school's Facebook page. The kiddo looks so tickled.


On Saturday Kylie and I, along with friends Sarah and Lily, attended the Spring Craft fair at our church. Much to Kylie's delight, they had two jump houses. Kylie had just come from running like crazy at gymnastics class to jumping around in these for almost an hour.




And what could be better to cool off two best friends than sugared ice?

I hope your weekend was as sweet and fun as ours.


Laurie said...

I wish I had half her energy!!

Teaberry said...

Aw, that orange cat must've been the most easy-going feline in the world! Our two cats would've also been "too shy" (where here means insane) to go anywhere, especially a place with tons of little kids wanting to pet them!

rikje_l said...

Me too, Laurie :)