Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Triathlete- February 2011

Since some of you have shown an interest in my healthy living journey, I thought I write a monthly blog post to share how I'm progressing towards my triathlon goal. Here are my results for the month of February.

I started the month of February with a cold. For five days I didn't work out at all. For the remaining 23 days of the month, I trained 18 days and had 5 days off.

The day I felt recovered from my cold, I ran out a bought my beautiful new Amria road bike. You can see a picture of it and read about my first rides on it here. For the month, I got in two outdoor rides where I tried like crazy to do the simple task of not falling over. I also got in two 30 minutes sessions on my indoor trainer. I'm a bit frustrated because my wireless cadence/mileage computer isn't working which means I need to take the bike back into the shop. But that's all right because I need to get some biking gloves and a bike lock. I have to admit that I'm still a bit intimidated by the bike but I'm looking forward to getting in some time on her in March.

I also attended three Les Mills RPM spin classes this month.

I am so pleased to report that I found a great pair of swim coaches. I started training with Gus and "Young Gus" from Planet Swim on February 16th. Gus accumulated some National titles and is a renowned coach at Bolles School. He created my swimming training plan. Young Gus is also a very accomplished swimmer. He is the one actually oversees my training practice. He coaches me through every lap--walking up and down the side of the pool watching my every movement. Both coaches are very straight forward and encouraging.

Gus asked me to share my triathlon training plan with him. I wrote out my plan in detail and we talked extensively about my goals and my plans to meet them. At the end of our long talk, Gus looked at me and smiled. He wisely said, "I know it's futile to ask you to be patient. So I'll ask you to be consistent." I laughed out loud because he really has my number!

I have swim practice on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Right now, we've been working on my kick. I've gone from having no kick at all (seriously, while holding a kick board and kicking I didn't move forward at all) to having a bit of a kick. We've also introduced bilateral breathing. We drill and drill and drill some more which is exactly what I wanted. I work hard in the pool and do everything Young Gus asks me to do to the best of my abilities. I'm able to leave the pool proud of what I've done. I'm still gasping for breath at the end of a simple lap but I trust my very knowledgeable coaches will help me meet my goals.

For February, I attended four swim practices.

In the face of all the newness of the bike and the swim classes, I love to plug in my iPod and go for a run. Running remains wonderfully challenging yet comfortable at the same time. I got in 7 runs this month.

Easy runs
2/9: 6 miles in 57:30. 9:55 pace

Interval/tempo runs
2/11: 2 intervals at 1/2mi distance & 2 at 1/4mi. All at level 7 on treadmill which is 8.34mi. 6miles total in 56:30.
2/18: Tempo run 4.5miles in 42:38. 9:41pace
2/23: 4 intervals at 1/2mi distance at 8 minute pace. 4 miles total for 36:00

Long runs- all at 10 minute mile pace.
2/13: 9 miles in 1:29.
2/20: 10.25 miles in 1:40
2/28: 11 miles in 1:50.

My trainer Joy is still kicking my but every Tuesday morning. I completed 4 strength training sessions with her and did 3 sessions on my own.

Body Combat
Oh, how I love my Tuesday morning Body Combat classes. I got in four classes this month and I simply love them. I get to "punch" out any aggression and the class leaves my shoulders and glutes sore for days.

Two late afternoon walks with my friend Sarah. We usually walk on Thursdays and get in 3-4 miles. Its a great way for me to stretch out tight muscles from my morning spin class as well as chat with a good friend.

125. I dropped two pounds from January. And I'm shockingly at a size 4. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I tried on that size and it fit. I don't see myself as that small but it was a happy, happy day when I was able to walk out of a store with size 4 jeans.

And that's it. Another month summarized!

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Mallory said...

You are doing a great job!! It's so great seeing a mom go after her goals and kill them! I can't wait to see how you progress.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

yay, great job and thank you for the up-date.

maria said...

This is very inspiring! great job

Unknown said...

I used to follow your blog when you were my neighbor in Oregon and just found you again. Am thrilled about your new journey! While I am not training for a race (yet), I am new to this and love it. Especially cycling. Thank you for sharing!