Saturday, January 07, 2012

Marathon countdown- 1 day to go

Over the past 16 weeks, I've run 576 miles.

My hope is that I'm able to run my first marathon in good time on Sunday.

Please give us safe travels to Orlando.
Please let us have an easy check-in at the hotel and at the marathon packet pick up.
Please let me get a good night's sleep tonight.
Please let my alarm go off so I don't miss the show.
Please let the weather be 55 degrees and either sunny or overcast.
Please no rain or snow.
Please let me not panic when I see the 14,000 other runners.
Please let the people I'm starting with not be too fast or too slow.
Please keep Karen and my Mom safe, sound and happy while they wait by the sidelines for me.
Please keep Kylie and my Dad safe, sound and happy in Atlantic Beach.
Please let me find my rhythm and pace early on and may I hold that pace as long as I can.
Please let me feel strong and capable at mile 8 (my magic mile).
May my legs and feet have strength and endurance.
If my legs give out, let me run from my heart and soul.

Please let me finish.



Allison said...

All the best! I know you can do it!

Kim aka Mommy said...

Go Wendy Go!

We are so excited for you! Run tomorrow knowing we're in VA cheering you on!

Caroline said...

Good luck!!! I know you are going to do great!!!!

S said...

Good luck! Can't wait to read all about it.

Alison (FreshStart) said...

So very excited for you! Can't wait to read the update and results! You can do it!

Lucy said...

I ran the Half with my fiancee today and it was awesome! Lots of people and some nasty hills, but the support and plus the magic of running through the parks seeing all the characters kept our minds occupied (so we didnt obsess over other stuff haha).

Part of why we did this race was because I was so inspired by your posts and committment to training, so THANKS :)

And, of course, GOOD LUCK!!! :-D

kathy said...

YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! good luck and enjoy every moment.....!

Scooby Mommy said...

You WILL do it!!! I'll say a wee prayer for you tomorrow :-)

Unknown said...

YOu are going to rock it!! Can't wait to read the recap!

Unknown said...

You've got all kinds of love and support from us in the mountains of western North Carolina! You are SO INSPIRATIONAL for me and my family! Thank you and may your feet carry you toward your dreams!

Alayna said...

You're going to do great!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and looking forward to your post-race blog update :)

Shannon said...

Good luck!!

Jenn said...

I meant to comment sooner!!! I read your blog every day but rarely comment. You are amazing!! Can't wait to hear about the race!!

Annie Mac said...

Goood Luck!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

We were there today and saw a lot of people that ran the half! So exciting, you can do it!