Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPhone/iPad games and books


Although, Where's My Water still reins as Kylie's favorite iPhone/iPad game, Egg Punch is on its way to the top of her list. It's amazing how interactive and clever these games are. Don't worry, we limit the time she can play with them.

Some other newer games and books she enjoys:
Monster at the End of This Book Read to you by Grover

Toontastic - Children can create their own animated stories. Love to hear the different funny voices Kylie uses for her different characters.

Puss in Boots Fruit Ninja- you slice fruit with your finger motions.

Don't Let the Pigeon- you get to add your own voice over to certain parts of the story. Kylie has added hers as "Don't let the pigeon...rule the world" and "kiss the cat" and "play hopscotch".

Feel free to add your own family favorites. Enjoy!


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