Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life Week 8

I had a different approach to Project Life this week. For the past 7 weeks my approach has been to sit down on Sunday and review the pictures I've taken during the week. I would team up the best pictures with the most interesting or unusual stories and create some Project Life pages.

But I noticed that I was missing out on some day-to-day details that I thought might be interesting to document. Little things like what we had for dinner, what shows we watched on tv, how many books we read to Kylie and so forth. So this week I jotted down some notes each day in a journal before going to sleep.

I only grabbed my Nikon on the day Kylie and I went to the park. For the rest of the week, I used my iPhone for pictures.

I cruised some other Project Life Scrapbook bloggers and found some awesome inspiration. I was particularly awed by the detailed and layered cards by findingnana, niebuhrchicks and cherishtheeveryday. I thought to myself, "I want to play with making a more detailed photo card similar to theirs. Let's just try it and see what we get." I've also noticed some scrapbooking buzz about washi tape and wanted to play with a digital version.

Fortunately I started scrapping on Saturday instead of Sunday and thought, "Yeesh! I've got a lot of journaling here. I'm going to have some very wordy pages."

Making the detailed cards took more time than I thought they would. I'm pleased with how they came out but I'm not sure that the additional time to make them was worth the result. I did have lots of fun doing it all which I suppose is precisely the point.

So here are my Week 8 pages. You can click on the photo for the credits.
Project Life, Week 8 page 1

A closer look at the photo cards.
Project Life, Week 8 page 1 closer look- game and restaurant

Project Life, Week 8 page 1 closer look- playtime and fat tuesday

Page 2
Project Life, Week 8 page 2 and picture insert front

Another closer look at the picture cards.
Project Life, Week 8 page 2 closer look- carwash and cats

Project Life, Week 8 page 2 closer look- artwork

I added an insert for a few more pictures. This was my favorite quote from the week:
Project Life SPF card

This was the back of the insert and some schoolwork of Kylie's.
Project Life, Week 8 insert back and artwork insert front

Overall I'm pleased with the rainbow colors and all the documentation. But I don't think I'll repeat this approach for a while.

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Dawn said...

Great layouts! I love the lobster and cr ab hand and foot print art...very cute!..Like you, I am geting more creative wiht my pages, I love all your little things you did this week...super cute!

Chris Coryell said...

Your pages look great! Love the splashes of color & the "SPF" quote from your daughter....classic!

Thanks for sharing!


Jules said...

Fab pages! So many lovely little details and I love the new things you've done this week!

packmom said...

Nice colorful pages. Great shots from a great week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for linking up my blog in your post - this is exciting for me, since I am such a newbie in paper scrapbooking! I love your pages, the color choices are great, awesome detailwork too! Will definitely come back to get some inspiration!


Kelli said...

I love how colorful it is, and I agree I think we have to find a balance between the big things and the little things...sometimes I'm afraid I'll document something twice! Then I figure oh well, that's where I am now in my know. :)

wienerhoneymooners said...

These are absolutely wonderful, I cannot get over it!