Friday, February 10, 2012


The other day when I picked Kylie up from school, I saw some of her school mates cleaning some windows.

I got very excited.

"Kylie", I exclaimed. "Do you get to clean the windows and glass doors at school?"

"Yes", she replied. "It's fun. We get a spray bottle, a squeegee and a sponge."

Fun? Windows?

May I say that I RAN to Target and got her the supplies.

May I also say that I didn't think this through.


Kylie was very conscientious about her work. I was tickled with the energy she brought to it all. But her finished glass was FULL of lines and smears.

Oh my.

We have a LOT OF WINDOWS. Kylie had so much fun cleaning them ALL.

Oh my.

I was pretty busy after she went to bed.


Island Baby said...

Too cute! I was wondering why you never really do Kylie's hair with ponytails , barrettes or bows? Does she not like having her hair fixed, or do you just not like doing it? I think she would look so cute with a bow or her hair pulled up cute!! She's such a pretty girl!

Alayna said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Thanks for sharing such a cute story.