Monday, February 06, 2012

Project Life Week 5

Let me just say that I'm loving Project Life. I think I'm really finding my groove with it. This week, there was a fair amount that made it to the scrapbook that I didn't share on the blog so I've included some journaling. Remember, you can click on the the picture for credits.


Row 2, 1st card
Our kitchen sink developed a leak around the faucet. The water was dripping under the sink. Karen and I bought a new sink and faucet at Lowes. On Monday, our handyman Joe came to install it. Of course, nothing is as easy as one wants it to be. He spent 4 hours on it on Monday then had to come back Tuesday to spend 2 more hours to finish installing the sink. Then another leak developed around one of the valves under the sink. This time we called a plumber who fixed the leaky valve on Friday. He replaced the valves and some of the piping. But now we have a small leak around the new pipe. I’m afraid the sink saga will continue into next week.

Row 2, 2nd card
Kylie had a playdate on Tuesday with last-year’s best friend, Clara. Kylie hasn’t seen Clara in 8 months. When she learned she was going to see her Kylie said, “My love was missing and now she has returned”. The playdate at Sunshine Park went well except that Kylie cried buckets when Clara had to leave. We are going to get the girls together ASAP. Kylie loves Clara so much.

Row 2, 3rd card
This is a punch card for my strength training gym.

Row 2, 4th card
Kylie proudly told us that she completed the Montessori Hundred Boardthis week at school. The teachers drew all the students attention to Kylie’s completed work and the children whispered “Wow!” Kylie was thrilled and we are so proud of her.

Birdfeeder picture:
This month is National Bird Feeding Month. Coincidentally, we bought a bird feeder for our backyard. The cardinals have found it and have delighted us by eating from it regularly. Usually we see them when we sit down for dinner together. Kylie still doesn’t believe that the male cardinals are the bright ones. She doesn’t believe that the female cardinals would want to be so drab when they could be fancy.

Artwork picture:
Thursday 2/2 was Groundhog Day and Phil saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter. Kylie made the paperbag Groundhog puppet in aftercare along with the jellyfish for her “J” week.

Page 2 was all about Kylie’s school Family Farm Day at Hidden Fields Farm. Here is the journaling on the 3 cards: This was the 2nd time we have been to Hidden Fields. I knew just how dusty the farm was and that the best footware for Kylie would be her rain galoshes, which I quickly renamed “cowgirl boots”. Kylie coordinated the rest of her outfit including her pink cowgirl hat and pink, silly bandz bracelets.

Kylie enjoyed jumping in the bounce house and climbing around the tree house. She was excited about the prospect of making her first s’more. But when the wind turned and smoke blew in her face, she wasn’t so excited anymore. Still she took two healthy bites of the s’more before declaring she was ready to ride the horses. Afterwards she played on the see-saw and tire swing with her friends.

When she noticed her friends had their faces painted, she decided she wanted her face painted too. She desperately wanted her favorite character “Puss in Boots” but was happy to get a close replica with this orange cat with green eyes. Kylie got a bit teary when it was time to go but overall it was a lovely trip.

There were a few more pictures that I wanted to print and keep so I tucked them in using a photo insert.
Project Life Week 5, picture insert back and blog story insert

I printed the story about mean girls that I blogged on 1/31.

And finally I tucked in two cards that Kylie made for her friends Clara and Margo. She made me a copy of the cards she'd made. Very sweet. I secured the cards with self-seal laminating sheets. I did a horrible job with these laminating sheets. Oh well, live and learn. Once sealed, I used a 6x12 page protector to hold the cards.
Project Life Week 5, blog story insert back and Kylie's cards

Project Life Week 5, Kylie's cards- back
Here's the back of her cards. I love how she wrote her friends' names and her TO and FROM. Priceless.

And that's it for another week of Project Life!
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Chris Coryell said...

Your pages look great! Love your daughter's pink cool! I love adding blog posts that were meaningful to me in my PL as well.

So sorry that your daughter is dealing w/mean girls this early. We have had major issues this year w/our youngest & she is in 5th grade. I too thought it wouldn't happen until middle school. Our was the same of girls want to be friends one day & super mean the next. One day before Christmas one of the girls sent a nasty note to my daughter through the "Christmas post office" at school. I was proud of my daughter that she turned it in to her teacher & didn't keep it b/c she was embarrassed. The school was ALL over it! All the girls received consequences. Thanks for your book resources..I'll have to check them out.

Hope you have a great week!