Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life Week 23

Blog readers, there are some sweet stories contained herein. A raccoon encounter, Kylie's first homework, our ninth anniversary and more.  So even though it is in 'Project Life" form, I hope you'll hang around and enjoy the post.

I really enjoyed my camera this week and these Project Life pages came together easily. Sorry for the bit of glare here. As usual, you can click on the photo to view the credits.

 Project Life Week 23 page 1

I thought I would throw in a picture of my daily breakfast.

On Monday I shot this sweet photo of Karen and Kylie rocking and reading.

The journal card next to it reads:
On Monday, Kylie came home with a headache, aching ears and a sore throat. She just wanted to curl up and have us read her Junie B Jones books. Kylie continued to fight her cold all week long. I was so proud that she went to school each day. Ms. Robin told us she was focused during the work periods but lethargic on the playground. Each afternoon she would collapse onto the couch or chair and ask us to read to her. Usually Kylie is constantly on-the-go. It was unnerving yet sweet to have so much cuddle time with her.

Raccoon encounter:
Tuesday night I was heading out to the hot tub and saw two raccoons eating birdseed that had fallen from our birdfeeder. Of course, I grabbed the camera! I also woke up Kylie to show them to her (from the safety of our Florida room). The next morning Kylie said, "You got a little nuts over the raccoons Mommy!"  I said, "I know it sweetheart! But it's not every day that you see raccoons in the backyard!"

We are fortunate that Kylie enjoys completing a page of each of these Summer Bridge books in the mornings before we leave for Summer Camp. I took a picture of the book and a picture of Kylie working on one on the pages.

Project Life Week 23 page 2

Kylie started Summer School this week with Ms. Robin. On Thursday, Kylie brought home her first-ever homework. This is the type of homework assigned to kindergarteners. So Kylie is getting an early start over the Summer. Inside Kylie’s homework folder was a Primary Phonics book of twelve pages titled “Mac and Tab”. There was a questionnaire to complete to confirm that Kylie has understanding of what she has read. There was a laminated card with eight “sight words” which are words that she should start to know without having to sound them out. And there was a booklist where we write each book and sight card that Kylie completes. Karen and I were silly with happiness over Kylie’s first “real” homework assignment. My mom laughed and said that we would probably quickly get over it. But for now, we are tickled with our growing girl.

Kylie has some great nicknames. Her teachers call her "Smiley Kylie". Her girlfriends call her "Teacup". And her friend Josu calls her "Charismo". I love them all!

Lastly, Karen and I celebrated our ninth anniversary with side-by-side pedicures at One Ocean Resort. Hanging out in the spa waiting room, we had a fabulous view of our beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The whole day was sheer bliss!

I included a page from Kylie's Summer Workbook. Instead of drawing hair and clothes on her figure, Kylie drew bones, brains and her bloodstream.

Project Life Week 23 art insert front

Kylie had several free-form "splotchy" art pieces this week. I like this one of her and her swim coach in the pool. Coach is the one with black goggles.

Project Life Week 23 art insert back

And that's it for another week!
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wienerhoneymooners said...

So inspired by these pages, that instead of waiting until the end of the week and printing all the PL photos (and feeling overwhelmed) , I set aside some time last night and did some nice digital work on the midweek photos. I think this is the ticket for me to have cuter pages. Thanks so much. Thanks for posting on FLickr the credits. I buy digitals on Designer digitals, though I never seen the Double D Designs, I was hooked aand it was luv @ 1st sight.

Your great pages are really works of art! Thanks for sharing.

Your birth story touched my heart as well. I laughed and cried. (My husband and I recently adopted a 7 yr old - he is 10 now and life is great!!)

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks so much for your comments! Comments mean the world to me!

If you put your Project Life pages online, please send me the link so I can return the "comment love".

Thanks so much for stopping by. *Wendy*