Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Life Week 24

Wow! This week really flew by! As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.

 Project Life Week 24 page 1.jpg


Kylie dances to her radio using the glass door as her mirror.

Kylie was playing with her toy propeller on Monday. It made a small cut under her right eye when it bounced back into her face.

The snake art was something Kylie painted some time ago. It was a part of a larger jungle art piece. With all the green on this page, I thought it worked well for this week.

Karen was in Tennessee this week helping Carolyn make preparations for Nana. She drove down on Sunday and was back on Saturday.

Sorry game:  This week Kylie learned to bump, slide and switch her way to winning this new game.

Project Life Week 24 page 2.jpg

Coach Jack named Kylie his star swimmer for the month of May. We were so tickled! I was also pleased that Kylie started to learn both the breaststroke and butterfly this week in class.

Kylie is crazy for the Scooby Doo gang these days.

Peanut butter cookies:  As part of my Summer Manifesto, I wanted to make cookies for Kylie’s summer camp teachers and for the men who take care of our yard. On Thursday, Kylie helped me make her first batch of peanut butter cookies. She helped me add the ingredients to the mixer, roll out the batter balls, and make the fork marks with powered sugar. We also made sugar cookies which she decorated with colored sprinkles. After the cookies cooled, I put the cookies into cellophane bags and decorated some bag toppers with a “thank-you” from our family. It was wonderful to see the happy faces as we gave the cookies away.

Coin jar:  We were having trouble keeping Kylie in her seat while sitting at the dining table for meals. She kept popping up. After reading “Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday” we decided to fine Kylie a coin from her bank each time she popped up. Let me tell you, there is just ONE quarter in the mason jar we put on the dining table. Kylie paid one fine for getting out of her chair. Since then, she has not popped up from her seat in over a month. I guess we are lucky in that Kylie likes her coins so very much!

If you look closely at that bottom right picture, you'll see that Kylie is petting the shell of a turtle in our backyard. Our yard is teeming with animals these days!

And that's it for another week!
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Unknown said...

I truly love reading about what is going on with your little one! I usually don't comment, but I wanted to know if you used a stamp or paper or what on the journaling card you used for the peanut butter cookies journaling. LOVE those flowers in the bright colors! And your photos are just awesome!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Dawn,

Thank you for your sweet comment! Comments mean the world to me!

On the peanut butter cookie journaling card, the flowers are from Maplebrook Studios Stems of Three brushes that you can get from Designer Digitals.com


I "colored" them in Photoshop by "painting" them with the paint bucket. Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! I actually clicked on the photo to see the credits, but so glad you told me where to get it.

ajs4ever said...

Kylie is growing up!! I cannot believe our kiddos are so big now!! Such a beautiful family!!!