Friday, November 10, 2006

16 week appointment

Today we had our 16 week appointment. I had my blood pressure taken (104/60), belly measured (14.5 inches), and we got to hear the Biscuit's heart beating which is always a joy.

I usually get nervous before going to our doctor's appointment. And now that I'm pregnant, when I get nervous, I get nauseous. Karen was a sweetheart hugging and reassuring me and putting a cool cloth on my neck. I've always thought that I was a nerves-of-steel, burly kind of girl but I've found that parts of being pregnant just rattle me!

I've been having a consistent pain in my left upper abdomen. It extends from my ribs all the way back to my spine. I've had this pain off and on for two years now. It pretty much subsided when I lost 20 pounds, but now it's back. Some days, it hurts so much that I have to lay down to get some relief. And one day we wrapped my ribs with ace bandages! I was pleased when our OB agreed to help us diagnose this. I had a full blood work drawn today (CBC, thyroid, and complete metabolic panel). And I'm having an upper abdominal ultrasound on Wednesday. Karen and I joked afterwards about offering to tip the ultrasound tech some bucks to also give us a baby ultrasound picture (we're so anxious to find out the baby's sex!). But I guess we will have to wait until our baby's diagnostic ultrasound on December 4th.

By the way, feel free to comment with your guess of the baby's sex!

We finished up the appointment with a flu shot and a talk about the joys of round ligament pain. We went to PF Changs to celebrate with some amazing lo mien.

[15w, 4d]


Anonymous said...

My guess is that your little biscuit is a girl. I've had this feeling since you said you were pregnant.

Glad your visit went so well and I am anxious for December 4th to get here.

Momai said...

I'm guessing a girl, too!

Holly said...

Glad everything looks good.
I think it's a girl. And I was thinking that BEFORE I saw caroline and momai's comments!

DtDtKty said...

I'm glad everything looked so good and that your OB is going to try and figure out your pain. Put another mark in the "Girl" column. :)

Anonymous said...

I have thought it was a girl since the beginning too! What is your lovely biscuit's heart rate when you go?

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Stacey said...

I'm guessing boy just to be different. ;) Actually, I am guessing boy probably because you two look so cute holding your friend's baby boy.

Glad the appointment went well--looking forward to hearing about the December 4th ultrasound!

I hope your pain can be cured.