Thursday, November 16, 2006

Email from heaven!

I opened my work email yesterday morning and found this at the top of my Inbox:
Now...tell me...if you saw an email from "christ" with a subject of "its time", what would you think?! I was amused and while having a pretty good idea this was a creative spammer's work, I have to admit to just a moment of pause as I considered the possibility that a divine being was attempting to communicate with me via email. What, my mind pondered, would I need to be told "its time" for? Time to become a mom, time to win the lottery, time to pull a muscle in Jazzercise class that morning...or something so unthinkable as time to depart this world for the next?

So, after a brief pause to ponder the possibilities of if I was being communicated with from on high, I double-clicked the email to open it and see what it held. And....

...there it was! A lowest price guarantee on the drug of my choice should I require pharmaceutical assistance with sexual dysfunction, if I'm over-anxious, can't sleep, am depressed or otherwise in need of a little pick-me-up!

I do believe that G*d works in mysterious ways, but I don't think direct marketing spam is one of those ways! Well, at least I had a good laugh.

- Karen

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Lynanne said...

I love the emails that promise to increase my "member" by 1-2 inches. Now that would take devine intervention!

I followed a link from Blogs in Babeland because I notice you have a due date close to mine. Congrats to both of you!! I look forward to reading more about your journey. Good luck!