Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time is speeding up

In our first trimester, time slowed down to a snail's pace. Each day seemed interminably long. Now it seems that days are back to their normal pace.

I'm writing all of this as my little excuse for not posting since last Sunday. So here's what's happened over the past few days:

Hospital tour:
Last Sunday, we toured the hospital where I will deliver. There were seven other couples present and I had the smallest belly there. The other couples were in their 30+ weeks. When asked how far along I was, I meekly answered, "four months". I have to hand it to the tour guide-- she smiled at us and said that it was always nice to be well prepared. I was grateful that the guide used the term "partner" and "spouse" instead of husband. And she made great eye contact with Karen and I. We didn't feel at all out of place. I love living in this "friendly" city.

The hospital rooms are beautiful and spacious and filled with lovely amenities like a mini-fridge, DVD player and TV, and jetted tub. The room was so large... there was room for all 16 people to fit comfortably. Someone commented that the room felt more like a hotel suite than a hospital room; the guide smiled and said that was their intention. The nurses were very friendly and spoke at length on the family bonding that takes place the first hour after the baby's birth. We are very pleased with our choice of hospital.

We had the waterfall in our backyard taken out. Before you gasp too loudly, you should know that the waterfall-while beautiful--was a royal pain in the rear. It clogged a lot and we could never get the water clear-even with lots of effort and maintenance. So three burly men came and dug up all the huge rocks and filled in all the holes with smaller rocks and dirt and mulch. Now we have a 12 x 16 patch of mulch in our backyard.

And I'm itching for the Spring so that I can landscape it. April and May are my favorite months to work on landscaping. I could spend all day with my knees in mulch, planting perennials and flowers. Since I'm due in May, I'm already lamenting the loss of gardening time. Karen assures me that I can pick out the plants and arrange them and she will plant them for me. Perhaps I'll be able to help a little bit??? We'll wait and see.

I don't know if I'm experiencing pregnancy congestion or a slight cold. I sniffle and snort and blow and talk funny thru my nose all day. Just lovely.

Other baby stuff:
We got our baby monitor and a fun, baby massage book. We are at 21 Babies R Us visits to date. We don't buy anything. We just walk around and point and discuss. It's a sickness really.

Happy Feet:
Just saw this movie tonight and we loved it. It's delightful. Go see it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

[17w, 2d]
[21 Babies R Us visits]


Stacey said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. We celebrated ours at the beginning of October. :)

See, the 2nd trimester flies by! It's not like the 1st trimester. :)

Glad the hospital tour was so positive. We have ours when we are 30 weeks along. Looking forward to seeing the place and registering.

Buy something already! How can you go to Babies R Us and not buy?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so happy that you had a good experience with the hospital tour. You are so lucky that you live in such a gay friendly city. Wish we did.