Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Burp cloth hang-ups

I need your recommendations on burp cloths.

Our good friend Heather uses Circo-brand burp cloths for her baby boy. You can buy these burp cloths at T*rget. And they work really well - super absorbent. It's freaky how well these suckers work.

However, the cloths are sold as a two-pack. One burp cloth has "I love Mommy" written on it and the other has "I love Daddy". I like these cloths so much that I've bought several packs and have given Heather the "I love Daddy" cloths. I know I'm being stubborn about not wanting "Daddy" burp cloths in the house, but then again, you already know that I'm stubborn.

I watched Heather's little boy today and went through several burp cloths. Which hammered home the point that I'm going to need many, many, many burp cloths.

But I'm so hung up on the Circo brand that the other brands pale in comparison.

So I need your help. If you use burp cloths, what is your favorite kind? Thank you!

(PS - Just so you know how completely hung up I can get about things.... I just spent one hour trying to find the "Mommy" ones sold online, on Ebay, etc. I also looked for burp cloth reviews online and didn't find anything either. Dang! I'm used to finding anything I want on the Internet. However, the exasperation I'm feeling gives me an excellent excuse to curl up with a Hershey bar! You know chocolate makes everything better. Even stifled Internet buying.)



DtDtKty said...

I have actually spent quite a bit of time on more than one occasion trying to find you the "Mommy" only clothes online...also to no avail. They actually used to come with different sayings before they changed them this past summer. I think that a call to the company may be in order.
Thanks so much for watching my spitter today.

Anonymous said...

cloth diapers make excellent burp cloths and you can embroider them with whatever you want them to say. i'm sure you already thought of and discarded that one but they also come more to a pack and are supposed to also be absorbent. i used receiving blankets (which are nice cause they cover your whole shoulder/upper clothing) and bibs for gavin. good luck! Lisa O

Anonymous said...

It's been so long since I've used a burp cloth that I couldn't tell you a name brand sweetie! I do, however, remember using whatever was available...whether it was a washcloth, a dishrag, a towel, an old shirt! LOLOL

Stacey said...

As another person stated, cloth diapers work really well. You can just use the inserts.

I've always just used receiving blankets.

Lynanne said...

I second the suggestion for the cloth diapers. Especially if you have a baby who spits up a lot (my son was a gusher…eww). They can be used for so many purposes. They are great for unexpected changing table mishaps - girls can squirt as well as boys! You can shove one in your shirt if you have a let-down in a public place (if you are breastfeeding). You can mop up spills when baby grabs your water glass in a restaurant. They can double as a public changing table cover or carseat blanket in a pinch. The list goes on. Definitely a diaper bag essential.

This might seem like a silly question (and you don’t have to answer it), but will your child call you both mommy? My best friend’s daughter calls one parent “Mommy” and the other one “Mama” so when she cries for one they know who she is asking for. The reason I thought of this is I know they couldn’t find “I love Mama” bibs. Not like it matters that early. It was just something I never would have thought of.

Angele said...

Yeah cloth diapers and receiving blankets work really well and are cheap too. They wash very very well and easily.

Jeff Eberlin said...

I bet Heather wouldn't mind trading you some of our "mommy" cloths for your daddy cloths in the two packs. :-)

Anonymous said...

One other possibility... you might get a non-spitter. We did. I would say she spit up 5 times between birth and her first birthday. We had lots of cloth diapers ready just in case, but didn't need them for the spitting up. We used them for everything, though, so you can't go wrong with em!


Anonymous said...

Our kid had massive reflux the first year of his life, and we lived off of burp cloths. We used the plain white cloth diapers. They come in like a huge pack at Babies' R US. They are thick and very absorbant. You can bleach them clean as well. I would reccommend them.

Wendy & Karen said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll plan to get some cloth diapers on my next Babies R' Us visit. I already have receiving blankets on the list as well.

Lynanne - Right now we are thinking that I (Wendy) will be Mommy and Karen will be Momma. But of course that's subject to change. We might end up being Mommy Wen and Mommy K. As long as the baby doesn't call us "Hey You", I'll be pleased!

Estelle said...

We just used prefolds. Real ones. Order some prefolds from a cloth diaper manufacturer... WAY better than any burp cloth you could find. greenmountaindiapers.com is where I order most of my diapers, and her prefolds are great.
And your kid will decide what to call you, don't waste energy trying to pick one. They always make up their own mind on that matter. I absolutely did NOT want to be called mommy. I never called myself mommy, AJ never called me mommy. No one ever referred to me as mommy.
Guess what Charlie calls me?

The Recovering Straight Girl said...

I honestly don't remember what I used. I know I had some cloth diapers that someone made for me and I probably used receiving blankets a lot, I always like swaddling the girls up really tight in those!

Don't sweat the name thing, the baby will know who he's talking to. Even in our house one of the kids yells Mom, I'll answer and they'll say, no, not you, Cheryl. Whatever, we figure it out!

L. said...

yep, cloth diapers are DA BOMB!

Our boy, he is 20 months, calls me Mommy and C, Mama. Sometimes he will call us both Mommy or Mama, but when he wants one of us in particular, he knows. We have been calling eachother that since he was born. We also figure that he will decide what's best, too. And, of course, we both respond to both names!