Monday, November 06, 2006

Appetite changes

I'm so pleased that week 14 brought an end to the nausea (hurray!). However, I've found that the foods that sustained me during my first trimester are repulsive to me now. I can no longer eat (or even look at) Ritz crackers, sugar honeycomb cereal, oatmeal cream pies, nilla wafers, and Eggo waffles. I've had to hide them all out of sight. Just thinking about them puts an unattractive "Eeewww" look on my face.

This reminds me of the time when I went away to Girl Scout camp only to experience torrential rains for 7 days straight. We lived on boiled hotdogs for lunch and dinner over a wet campfire for several days. It was years before I could look at a hotdog without gagging.

I don't know about any of you other people who are currently or who have been pregnant, but I've found that my water consumption has gone way down. I used to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day with no problems. I keep reading (and people keep telling me) to drink lots of fluids. How can I? I take three sips and it seems that my stomach is full of water and is sloshing around and the water backs up into my esophagus. It seems like forever before water "goes down". Do you know what I mean? I think that I'm getting enough to not get dehyrdrated but I'm still not drinking nearly enough.

In non-bodily news, I had a lovely birthday filled with wonderful gifts. Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes. And as a special treat I got to visit with Lisa O who is visiting her friend Heather. Lisa enjoys reading our blog from her home in California. She gave us this wonderful present of these two "family-friendly" onesies and another shirt. Aren't these fabulous! I just love how the blog creates connections with people all of the world.



Angele said...

Ahhh food aversions. Stacey had the same thing with eggs. She loved them at first and has not touched them since week 14.

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a good one!!

Stacey said...

Cute shirts! :) Glad you had a great birthday.

As Angele stated, I experienced that with eggs. I was so obsessed with eggs in the beginning and now I can't stomach the thought of eating them. Weird.

I drink more water at work but I do recall days where I was trying to consume more water and it was making me gag. Just drink gradually. I keep a small water bottle here that I refill through out the day and I sip on it frequently so it's not too much water at once. I have to pee a lot though since fluids are flushed through you quicker when you're pregnant.

Anonymous said...

it was a treat to visit with you and meet karen. i'm so happy for the both of you! i feel for you. each stage brings with it such change and just when you get it down, it changes. on a side note, things to insert in between your sips to add hydration, if you're in the mood could be jello (considered a liquid at room temp) and popcicles. they don't replace glasses of water but certainly worth a few sips. good luck and i look forward to reading as your adventure unfolds. thanks for sharing it!, lisa O