Thursday, August 10, 2006

Life "between"

It seems like we're in a "between" place right now....and it feels kinda strange. We're between the insemination and the time when we'll know if it took or not. We are ever hopeful that we'll be among the lucky ones who get pregnant on their first attempt and we also remain prepared for if it doesn't.

My sister called today to ask "are you guys pregnant yet?". She's so excited for us and I love it that she is. Her youngest is now 6 and she's envious of the baby phase that's headed our way. She keeps asking if we'd consider giving her one if we have twins! Yeah...right! It's funny though and her daughter (the 6 year old) has overheard her talking to me about it and thinks that we're going to have puppies and that we're going to give them one! When my sister tried to explain it to her that she was talking to me about babies, little miss promptly replied, "duh...I puppies!". My sister has given up on trying to convince her otherwise and only hopes she won't be too disappointed when I bring a baby home for a visit and not a puppy for them!

I'm trying to be as zen as possible about the whole thing, but it's hard to remain in that "quiet space". But, I can hear the little voice in the back of my head saying "I wanna baby! I wanna baby!"....over and over again. Sigh...these next 12 days are gonna be interesting. Then, to top it off, I'll be out of town on business when the day comes to know one way or the other. I've asked Wendy to call me if/when she takes the pregnancy test so I can "be there" (more or less).

Keep sending us the good baby mojo vibes!

- Karen

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Ethan Barry's Momma said...

As someone who has BTDT (been there, done that), I know how hard the 2ww is. Hang in there the best you can and try to keep yourselves busy. You have done all you can do.