Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ovulation watch keeps going and going...

...and going and going! Well, we're still here in San Fran and, as of yet, are not "with sperm". Sigh... Both Wendy and I have decided to drop stink bombs on the First Response headquarters. The little ovulation test kit sticks are still registering a light line and we are holding off for a dark line before inseminating. So...we've had ourselves a little unexpected mini-vacation!

Today, to pass a few hours, we made a drive down Highway 1 along the California coast from San Fran to Carmel. I love the ocean and this drive, for the most part, is quite lovely. We took the scenic route from Monterey to Carmel by way of the 17 mile drive. It was wonderful being so near the ocean and the views were amazing. Wendy even stuck her toes in the ocean (brrrrr...) although I wasn't quite brave enough.

We've both been a bit keyed up waiting on the stick to turn the right color and I remembered a web site the shows a little still photo "movie" that kinda helps me remember that there is so much of which I can be in awe and wonder. Our delay is just giving us a lesson in patience and an opportunity to look and find the wonder of it all.

- Karen


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Continuing to send big ole' ovulation vibes your way!!!
The Eberlin's

Anonymous said...

Sending you positive egg dropping vibes!