Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pregnancy math is driving me nuts!

OK...this baby math business is beyond my ability to comprehend. A shout out to Holly over at Lois and Holly's Baby Story for her take on the problem!

I.just.don'! The "rules" (and our little ticker up on top!) say we're 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant based on the start day of W's last period. But...if we didn't get inseminated until Aug. 7, we couldn't have been pregnant for 5 weeks and 2 days because we only inseminated 3 weeks and 2 days ago. So, are we in week 3, week 4, week 5 or week 6?

Even all the pregnancy books seem to count differently, although they all say they're counting the same! In one book they say we're in week 6 while another says week 5. I can't stand it! I'm a numbers freak; I freely admit that I am addicted. I remember numbers easily. Here's a test for you: can you recite your driver's license number, your frequent flyer number and at least 2 credit card numbers from memory? I can. Sad but true. I work with numbers and math in most everything I do (I'm a computer geek by trade) and am generally very comfy with my numerical friends. But, at this point (and I realize it's *very* early in the process), I'm really freaked out by the lack of proper, actual, firm formula on which to base all this pregnancy stuff.

I want to call it week 6 because week 6 sounds "better" to me than week 5. The farther along we are, the better! But, I want to call a spud a spud (so to speak). I need relief! I need to not have every book I read say something slightly different. I need ONE ANSWER. My guess is I just need to get over it and quit fretting and that I need to make internal peace with the fact that pregnancy math is it's own "wierd science".

Any ideas?

- Karen


Kathryn said...

It doesn't matter when you "conceived" it's all about the LMP. You count what you've already completed, and remember, you're pregnant for ten months, because it's nine LUNAR months. You're five weeks, two days, but if you want to say six; go ahead!!!

charlotte said...

Go ahead and round up! I always did. I have a couple questions for you guys about your inseminations. Well, here are the questions: Why did you insem two different mornings? We are doing our insem tomorrow morning and are trying to figure out when to do the second one. Also what time of day did you get your + OPK? I hope it ok to ask you here! If you want to email me it is Thanks so much, and congratulations! Post more belly pics!!!

nursevest said...

Karen and Wendy,
Maybe this will help.

How many weeks pregnant am I?
It can be confusing to be told that you are eight weeks pregnant when you know you only conceived six weeks ago. When we say an average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, it means that it lasts 38 weeks from the date of conception, and 40 weeks from the last menstrual period. So you always get credit for two weeks before you even conceived! In general, any references to weeks in books, on ultrasounds, or at prenatal visits, will be based on a 40 week pregnancy.

Hope everything is going well,

Estelle said...

I can recite everything you just asked about ;)
I refer to it as the week we're in. For example, Charlie is one year old, as of three weeks ago. But I say he is in his thirteenth month. Or his second year. When AJ was 8 weeks pregnant, I would say she was in her ninth week. And we counted by LMP because even though I know it's stupid, it was what was required, so we did it.
And she went to 43 weeks gestation... Here's hoping you don't go that overdue!

Wendy and Karen said...

I think I'm going to have to go with saying either the exact time since LMP or using the "in week" option. At least with saying we're x weeks and y days, I feel like I'm getting my numbers right.

Thanks everyone!

estelle - OK, if you passed the previous number memory test, here's a doosy: do you remember the license plate of the car your parents drove when you were 5? It is freaky wierd what numbers I remember and I feel soooo much better when I find someone who is "number retentive" too!

Caroline said...

I just read your comment about remembering numbers. I so do that. I remember birthdays/anniversarys, phone numbers like you wouldn't believe. Laura sometimes thinks I am a freak of nature because I can remember birthdays of people that I have met once. It's good to know that there are others out there like me.

Estelle said...

Hmm... no. But I do remember every address and every phone number I have ever had, as well as the phone numbers of almost every friend I've ever had, and about 7 social security numbers that I wish I could get rid of because knowing someone's SS number is just weird.

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