Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I had forgotten that this was a holiday weekend until I saw a neighbor loading coolers and folding chairs into his car. I swear the days are running together over here at The House of Baby.

Here's a good one for you.....
Last night at around 4:30am, I laid Kylie in her crib after feeding her and I started to pump. About 2 minutes into the pumping, Kylie belted out a hellacious cry due to a vicious gas bubble. I yank the pump off and take the few steps to her crib trying to simultaneously pull my bra up.

But the breasts are still pumping. Milk is flying out of me, all over me, into the crib and onto the carpet. I'm cussing like a sailor in front of my newborn.

Yep. Good times.



SassyFemme said...

Well that should be good for at least a year of therapy when Kylie's all grown up. (Kidding!)

Anonymous said...

hehehehe! honey, if that's the worst thing you do in front of your baby girl, you oughta be nominated for saint hood! lolololol

Holly said...

You're not supposed to cuss in front of the baby?!?!? Who said??
Did you leak a ton of milk? That's liquid gold in our house. Lois would have been squeezing it out of any sheets or carpeting and putting it into a bottle!

Stacey said...

the worst i leaked was always after a shower--i'd run for the nursing pads right away.
we're working on no cussing in our house. sometimes we have potty mouths. :P

Deb Heller said...

When the kids get older, they won't let you forget it's a holiday!

Just found your blog. Cool. I'll have to poke around more after work!

deb - the other mom, with Kandy, to Katie Rose (11yr) and Megan(9y)

Casey said...

After 5 years I'm *still* working on the cussing thing. *sigh*

Sorry to be laughing at your expense but the visual was pretty darn funny! :)

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

LOL...btdt. :) I remember hitting the wall a couple of feet away with milk one time. Have you started pumping and forgotten to attach the bottles yet? That's a "fun" one too.

Holidays don't mean much here yet either. If it weren't for trying to get a "First" photo for every holiday, they would probably pass right by.