Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Milk race

It feels like Kylie's milk needs and my supply are running neck and neck in a race. Right now, I'm just barely keeping up. Each day for a week, I've been pumping with the intention to create some reserve milk and each day, we've needed to feed it to Kylie. It's like I'm barely keeping her satisfied and I'm really feeling the strain. So I've started taking fenugreek and blessed thistle to boost my supply and am pumping more throughout the day.

The last 24 hours have been challenging. Kylie had some lower wind/gas problems throughout the night. **If you have some hints about how to relieve a baby's lower gas problems, please share them with us.**

And just when I felt my most frazzled and ragged from the cries of my hungry and gassy baby, my dear sweet friend Heather brought us a wonderful dinner and dessert. Thanks babe! You are a life-saver!



Anonymous said...

love love love all the pix! she's GORGEOUS!! gavin did oodles better with mylicon infant drops. i gave it to him at night and in the am but you can give them i believe with almost every feeding. i'm sure there's a natural less pharmaceutical approach but that's what worked for us. and still from time to time actually. may the milk be with you! :) lisa O

Anonymous said...

by the way, the mylicon i mentioned was in response to the "lower wind..." issue you mentioned. i do get a stream of consciousness going. glad you have heather. i've always thought she's a fabulous friend! :) lisa O

MaMaMia said...

There's a couple of different positions we have used for gas relief. . one is laying Kylie on her stomach on your arm, so she her face is by your elbow. The other (which worked better) is having her lay on her back and "bicycle" her legs, the higher her knees go up toward her belly the better.

On milk supply. . .if you don't have any luck with the fenugreek, let me know. I have had two babies and low milk supply with both. I managed to breastfeed my first to 11 months and am currently still breastfeeding my almost 11 month old.

Casey said...

I highly recommend Gripe Water. It was my best friend when my daughter was an infant.

Good luck!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Isn't the blogging community great! I forgot to mention the Gsa Drops...I still put them in every one of Ethan's bottles. The "bicycle legs" can be helpful too. It's amazing what you "forget" once you are in a new stage.

I'm glad that I could be of help today. God knows, you were both my life line on more than one occasion. :) Hugs and calming vibes.


Kerry Lynn said...

OK, SHUT UP! Our daughters were NOT wearing the same EXACT outfit on the SAME day.
or just look at my blog post from 5/9

Sadly for me the bicycle legs and gripe water never seemed to help Jackson. I do keep meaning to get the mylicon though. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The best way too boost supply is to let her feed, and feed, and feed and not worry about the pump for a couple more weeks. The pump is nowhere near as efficient as a baby. The pump is just another thing to worry about when you've got enough going on as it is.

Lynanne said...

If you feel like Kylie is velcro'ed to your breast it could be a growth spurt. (see Although she may act as if she is starving, she will be ok and your milk supply should adjust in a few days. Try to let her feed as much as possible to help things along.

You've probably already read this, but if you want to pump extra, try doing so with an early morning feeding. Pump at the same time as you are feeding her if you can. The natural let down that comes with Kylie feeding makes pumping easier. Plus, your milk supply is usually higher in the morning.

My daughter had colic starting about 4 weeks of age and Gripe Water was about the only thing that gave her relief. I never would have believed it before I tried it.

Good luck!

Stacey said...

good luck with the milk.

awww she's so tiny and cute. :)

Alayna said...

I agree with the bicycle legs thing - that really helped Mateo. Also, Yogi Tea makes a great Nursing Mom tea that always seems to boost my supply. It tastes good, too! Just drink a cup every few hours.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a normal two week growth spurt. Just keep nursing and it will be okay. Your body will get the clue to up the production.

Anonymous said...

There are some great baby massage books out there that have techniques for helping gas, too. All of the other suggestions are great too, though. :-)