Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nose and mouth

Kylie has started playing with my nose and mouth. When I have her on the changing table, she reaches out and touches my lips and my nose. She's surprisingly gentle about it (for now). Of course, I make funny ba-ba-ba noises when she does it so she can feel my lips move.

She hasn't got the hang of sucking her own thumb or fingers yet. She tries to stick her whole hand in her mouth or she grabs her tongue with her fingers and pulls which makes her cough and gag. I imagine she'll have it figured out soon.


Stacey said...

Awww love the pictures. She is adorable.

Oh yeah, grabbing your face is a fun game. It will get more rough with time. Riley has really yanked one my nose and mouth. And scratched me a lot too. LOL

Jen said...

Pulling on her own tongue..that is too cute!

Lynanne said...

My older kids never sucked their fingers/thumb. My daughter twists her hair (she started by grabbing my hair while nursing and then later her own when it go long enough.) My youngest is the first to suck his thumb or fingers. He's been doing that since he was only a few weeks old and now easily gets them in his mouth when he wants them. He'll wedge out his pacifier to get his fingers in. It's nice that he self-comforts but we worry that we can't take away his thumb/fingers when he gets older like we could a pacifier. He's no where near Kylie on mouthing toys and reaching out to us though. Maybe if Kylie hasn't started sucking her fingers by now, she wont?

Sheila said...

What a beautiful little girl!!