Friday, July 13, 2007

Play hard, rest hard

Kylie is sleeping more during the night. Lately she goes to sleep around 10-11pm and sleeps for around 7 hours. We don't get this every night but we love the fact that her sleep is stretching out.

She's also playing more during the day- 30 minutes to an hour. She's fascinated with her plastic, rattling toys; not so much with her softer stuffed animals. Her playtime is such a joy to us. She's so smiley and happy and it's fun just to watch her explore.

She gets the 5:00pm fussies where nothing will really soothe her (not even nursing). She'll settle for just a bit and then she is the QUEEN of fussy from 7:00 to 8:30 or 9:00pm. Lots of pitiful crying. Karen and I just grit our teeth and ride it out. We do best when we can tag-team our inconsolable blob of a baby. Each time she does it, we discuss whether she might be teething (we really don't think so), how much sleep she's gotten during the day (usually the perfect amount), what I've eaten (did I have anything with onions?) and whether it's a growth spurt.

Yesterday I went to the mall to look at baby clothes. As I was shopping, pregnant shoppers around me would look at my belly. I could practically see their thoughts of "Well, there is a belly there but I can't tell if it's a pregnant belly". So they look away instead of giving me that special smile that only pregnant women share with each other. These days, I'm casting that special smile to mothers with little babies. It's a smile that says, "It's hard, it's wonderful, and I'm with you babe--hang in there".

But back to the belly business. I've read several blogs of moms of babies around 3-4 months of age. It seems that we are all feeling the pressure to start losing the rest of our baby weight, to get back in shape, and to get back into our pre-pregnancy clothes.

I wonder where this pressure comes from? My wife, family and friends aren't saying anything of the sort. But I still feel it. There's this very loud voice in my head that says, "All right. You've had your three months of rest and recovery. It's time to stop eating so damn much and to get your ass in shape!!"

During Kylie's naps, I could get on the treadmill or go to the pool or try to get to a Jazzercise class. I think I would probably feel better if I did. But instead I do other things that nurture me-like reading blogs, or cleaning our home and cooking or scrapbooking.

I tell you, the thought of exercising just makes me feel tired. I think, "Good grief, is it time to get back on that wagon?" Can't I extend my permission slip just a few more weeks (or months)?

Anyway, to add to this rambling post, here's a photograph I took the other day. This is the nightstand in Kylie's nursery that sits between my glider and Karen's chair. I love this photo. To me, it represents everything that is momma & baby right now. It's overflowing with the breast pump and water glasses and toys and our books and magazines and baby books.

Lastly, I downloaded some video we've shot of Kylie over the past few days. I've got one video posted to my old website (ha!! here's a test for my family. Do you even remember that website? It's got at the start of the web address.) I was going to provide a link but then realized that this website has my last name all over it. I don't think it's prudent to post a link here on blogger. So now I'm trying to decide if I should upload it to youtube. It's the kind of video footage that probably only family would want to watch so I'm undecided about it.

Anyway, if you made it all the way to bottom of this long, rambling post, I suppose I should reward you with some Kylie pictures.



Anonymous said...

Our baby was similar in her sleep habits at around 3 months. We started slowly moving her bedtime earlier, and she adjusted by sleeping 10-11 hours from 7:30 or so on. I think her fussiness in the evening was really a need to go to sleep. I dreaded moving the bedtime earlier, because I was worried she'd sleep her 6-7 hours, and wake me up at 2 or 3 and be up for hours at that point, but her sleep period lengthened as well. So it might be something to try!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love her smiles!

Just so you know, vimeo ( is another great place to host videos. Thats who I use for all my videos of Thaya. You can make them private, or you can specify exactly who you want to view them.

Anonymous said...

she is just gorgeous adorable!! love love love the pix you post! thanks for sharing. lisa O

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh, Wendy! I'm go glad you wrote about body issues! It's something that is constantly on my mind but i never think to talk to anyone about it. You are absolutely right about family/friends not pressuring in fact since right after M&J's birth people have told me I look fabulous. Some people even look at me in disbelief that I just gave birth to twins. While that's nice and all...*I* don't think I look fabulous. They don't see me naked! EEK! I'm the same way...yes, I could go running with the twins in the stroller or do pilates while they're sleeping, but I would rather do something that makes me happy. I'm already 100% more active than I have ever been in my life taking care of and carrying around two babies and I really don't eat that badly so I'm at a loss. Someone suggested drinking more water so I tried that and I think I've lost a few pounds but is that going to make my sagging mess of a belly go away?

Stef said...

I agree with J about the fussiness. OUr daughter was a night owl, until we strted oving te bedtime routine to 7:00-7:30. She did better and slept longer after about a week of interrupted sleep ( getting used to the new bed time) check out the book baby whisperer.
Our daughter is now 3 and she still begins bed tie @ 7:30 and is asleep by 8:15-8:30. and sleeps til 6:30-7:00.

Stacey said...

Fussies suck. that's all there is to it. ;) Good luck with that. We only have a meltdown if she's tired and ready for bed/nap. Or teething.

I hate post baby weight. I should do more to lose it. I need another dog that I *have* to walk so that I have no choice but to get up and do something. :P You'd think lugging around a 16+ lb baby would help but it doesn't seem to.

Cute pics! Would love to see video!

Anonymous said...

Honey, it took your body nine months to grow that baby, give yourself at least that time to recoup! Actually, did you know it takes your body five years to recover from creating, giving birth and sustaining that new little life?

As usual, the photos of Kylie make me smile. And the fussy stuff before bed? She's probably just tired but her baby self is still working out the kinks of this whole sleeping thing. She'll get the hang of it before you know it!

Anonymous said...

p.s. As for the belly? It will never be the same again! You'll get in shape when you're ready though and it will all be fine. Honest.

Dee said...

Love the pic of the nursery. That looks like our living room. TV tray overflowing with "stuff" sandwiched in between two couches. The pics of Kylie are adorable.