Sunday, July 08, 2007


Kylie went to her first birthday party yesterday. The party was held by our good friends Jeff and Heather in honor of their son, Ethan, turning one year old.
Here's a few pictures we took prior to the party:

I thought this one looked nice in black and white.

Now that's the way to eat cake! Happy Birthday Ethan!


Lynanne said...

Those pictures of Kylie- oh wow! Look at how her eyes seem to sparkle. And I agree, I love the B/W one. I love seeing your photos. You really have talent!

I chuckled at the photo of Ethan eating cake. Absolutely hilarious! I've never seen his method before. Hopefully Kylie took notes from him. LOL

SassyFemme said...

That picture of Ethan is just hilarious!

Cagney said...

Ethan looked like he was enjoing his cake, think I'll do that myself on my next birthday!!