Thursday, July 05, 2007


We didn't take many stroller walks with Kylie when she was a newborn; she would get too fussy.

But we recently converted the carry-cot to a stroller seat and now she is one happy baby. Kylie loves to sit up and is enjoying the view as we walk around our block in the early evening.

Here's Kylie at 9 days old in her Bugaboo stroller with the carry-cot.

And here she is at 11 weeks old.

Wow! I have to tell you. It's a bit of a shock to see how much she has grown. Many times now I'll look at her and think, "Oh, she's still so tiny" and other days I'll think, "My gosh! She's getting so big!". Yes, I know......I'll have many more months and years of those thoughts.


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I love comparison pics because you can really see a difference. Kylie is so adorable...To me, it's as if she is saying, "Yes, I am the diva of my Bugaboo." :) I'm glad she likes her stroller now; there are times a nice walk may save you and your did for me ;)


x said...

She is gorgeous! It blows my mind what a difference 11 weeks makes. When I look at the hospital pictures of my girl I can't believe she was that small.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is soooo gorgeous, I check your blog everyday, when I can to see if you've added any more pics. She is so cute. You both must be on cloud 9!!

Stacey said...

They do grow so fast! She's so adorable and I love the stroller!!!

I saw a 3 month old the other day at the sing-along group and I thought he was soooo tiny. It's now hard to remember Riley that small.