Monday, December 17, 2007

Eight months old

Dearest Kylie,

This month has really flown! Here are some of the ways you have grown this month.

Your first word was “Mama”. You said mama for the first time on November 1st when you were six months old. Since then, you say it to us all the time. It’s so delightful to have you look at us and say this special word.

You can repeat “bye-bye” when we say it to you and you’ve started waving an arm when we wave to you. You can pucker your lips and suck in your cheeks to give us air kisses. You hold up your arms when you are ready to be picked up.

During playtime, you roll from one toy to another quite quickly. You examine your toys more thoroughly and pass them back and forth between your hands. You’ve become very interested in the furniture in your room. You like to roll to your crib, dresser or the wall and slap them with your hands and feet.

We read you many books throughout the day. You know exactly where to put your fingers on your touch-and-feel books. You like to help turn the pages of your board books.

You enjoy four meals a day. You like to feed yourself fruit-cup pieces from a bowl adhered to your tray. We’ve added stage 3 meals like pasta primavera to your diet along with cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta and diced apples. You like to drop bits of food on the floor and then lean over in your high chair to see where it has landed.

You take all your naps in your crib—no more swing. You take three naps a day and each nap lasts around an hour.

You weigh 16 pounds, 8 ounces which is an increase of 1 pound 2 ounces. You wear 6-9 month or 9 month clothes.

Happy Birthday Darling Girl!


Alayna said...

Wow, she's growing up so fast! Sounds like she's doing wonderfully. And what a good eater!

Shannon said...

Happy 8 months Kylie!

SassyFemme said...

She looks so much older all of a sudden.

Jen said...

Oh, what a cutie pie! Love the Christmas outfit! Happy Birthday Kylie! And she first said mama on the day Maddie was born! I can't wait to hear that word too!

Soupy said...

Happy 8 months, you beautiful girl, you!
I love reading about your stats! I love comparing our girls and Kylie is soooooo dang fun to read about! Enjoy!

chewy said...

she is gorgeous! so adorable.