Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Meet you at the door

First of all, let me reassure you that Karen, Kylie and I weren't adversely affected by the storms in Oregon. We are safe and sound.... thank heavens.

Secondly, I wanted to post a quick picture of the doodlebug.

And lastly, to share a laugh with you. Around once a week, we have a nanny come to the house to babysit Kylie for four hours. I use this time to run errands or to sit at my neighborhood Starbucks and slowly sip some coffee and enjoy some baby-free time. Our nanny is a gem and she and Kylie are good together.

I can always tell the minute I walk in the door what kind of day it has been for the nanny. If I walk in and she's upstairs playing with Kylie in her nursery, it's been a good day. If I walk in the door and the nanny is standing there with her coat already on and her purse on her arm---not so good.

Today was one of those days she met me at the door. Seems like the doodlebug refused to take her afternoon nap. Kylie wasn't overly fussy, she was just wide awake. And the nanny was ready to hit the road before the melt downs began.

Smart lady!


Kelly Lopez said...

She is too cute in her Pooh outfit and she looks so comfy and warm! That's funny about the nanny. My husband claims he can tell the type of day I've had within 30 seconds of coming home.

ajs4ever said...

So cute!!

Jen said...

Oh my, who would ever want to rush out the door and leave that precious doodlebug?!! So cute in the Pooh outfit!
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