Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scrapbook Mojo

Last weekend I made these two pages that will be displayed on the left and right-hand pages of our scrapbook.

And I was pleased with them.

Then I hit a creative wall. I created Kylie's 8 month milestone pages and I hated the finished product. I went ahead and finished the spread thinking that I would either like it better the next day or would think of a way to improve it.

Nope. I don't hate it anymore but I'm not pleased with it either. So at some point, I'll be doing that spread again.

Then I moved on to Kylie's great picture with Santa. Again, nothing I did felt right. Trying to work on the page was like slugging through mud. So I trashed it and started over.

Have you ever had that creatively blocked feeling? It's not fun. Makes me want to pout and eat chocolate and ice cream and knit like crazy. (I did manage to get quite a bit of the sleeve to my Retrograde sweater knitted).

This is the Santa page I came up with it.

It's far from perfect but at least I'm pleased with it. Finding that background paper was a real win and helped things along. And hopefully, I've got my scrapping mojo back.

We'll see. Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

I love the tree spread. Kylie is so awestruck in that picture, its wonderful.
When you do a digital scrapbook where do you print your pages? Do you have an awesome printer? Do you print on photo paper?
I've never done digital sb before, and it looks pretty awesome.

SassyFemme said...

It all looks wonderful to me!

Anonymous said...

I'm a graphic designer still in college so my biggest fear is that I've run out of creativity, lol .. and sometimes I really feel like I have, so I know all about the creative block!

However, I think the pages look great. Makes me interested in digital scrapbooking.

Kerry Lynn said...

Love these pages! I especially love the toile-ish paper

I've been googling free stuff and thought I'd share this page with you.