Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sunny day

Thank you to everyone who commented about bread (from the last post). It was really helpful!

On December 20th, we had one of those rare days in Portland where the sun comes out.

I threw open all the blinds in Kylie's room and grabbed my camera and clicked away. Natural sunlight makes all the difference in photos. I have soooo many favorites from that day and here are a few.

I love how blue her eyes are in this one.

Sorry if I slowed your internet connection way down just now but I love these photos.

I'm really missing the sun this winter in Portland. Seems like this year is grayer and colder than the previous years. And I'm itching for the spring so that we can go to the playground and the zoo and such.

Our light bill is going to be huge because I have all the lights in the house turned on all the time. And the house still seems so dark to me. So I sit in front of my lovely, light-filled Mac and a I scrapbook pages like this.

And like this: (for close ups click here and here.)


yankeegirl said...

What a beautiful baby! I don't blame you for taking lots of pics!

Lynanne said...

(and wow, wow, wow, and WOW!)

What more can I say?

Vikki said...

Super cute!