Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reaching up and bananas

Why is Kylie looking up?

And reaching up?

It's because she wants Mommy to get her helium balloon from the ceiling.

Baby Girl was having a hard, teething day but a balloon lifted her spirits.

Of course, I had to grab the balloon from the ceiling hand it back to her quite a few times. But whatever makes her happy!

In other news, she has added a new word to her vocabulary. It's Banana. When she says it, it sounds like "Na-na-nuh" but I know what she means. She has a banana for breakfast just about every morning. Lately, I've been asking her, "Are you ready for breakfast?" and she'll reply, "Na-na-nuh". Then, as she's stuffing her mouth with banana pieces, she'll smile and say the word over and over again.


Library Mary said...

OKAY..........you need to take a pole. Do you NOT have the cutest baby in the world? I think so!!!

Wendy, I have a "blogging" question. I've searched through the blogger 'help' section, but can't find the answer.

When I adopt a new background from say pyzam.com or somewhere else and implant and save it, I loose all of my sidebar lists. The "List of Blogs I Visit" and the "List of Books I've Read" etc.

Know the answer to that??? What am I doing wrong?

Stacey said...

that's too cute about the new word.

balloons are the best. riley loves them and calls them "buh"

Anonymous said...

I seriously love your child, and I know that she and Thaya would be best friends!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that has worked for us - we're trying to get Thaya to start "self-feeding" and I noticed that she has problems knowing how much to bite when given something whole. So, with bananas (also the love of her life - bbbbb- nana!) We'll hold it, still in the peel, and pretend to take "rabbit" nibbles at it. She started doing the same thing, and now she can take bites of the banana, from sandwiches, crackers, cookies, etc. She seems to understand that when we say "take a bite" it means she has to pay attention to how much goes in her mouth.

I know our two little angels have been doing so much of the same thing, so maybe something similar would be useful for you guys!

Wendy and Karen said...

Library Mary,

If you saved your original blogger template somewhere before you made the change, you should be able to try to find your sidebar lists (in the template code) and copy/paste them into your new template.

I'm afraid I don't know much about blogger templates though. Sorry to not be more helpful. Good luck in getting it fixed.