Thursday, July 17, 2008

15 months

Dearest Kylie,

This month you learned the word “No” but you don’t always use it appropriately. For example, we’ll ask you if you want juice and you’ll say, “No, no, no” but then you’ll reach for the juice and drink some anyway. You like to walk around singing “No” to yourself. It seems that saying this word gives you a sense of power and independence. Yet you can also use the word correctly—like when it’s time for a diaper change and you want to keep playing or when we offer a food that you don’t want.

You love to say “Hi”. One memorable event was when we were walking through a bookstore. You were walking holding on to Momma Karen’s finger and cruising the aisles looking for people to say “Hi” too. You light up when people say “Hi” back to you.

You can point to your own eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, and toes. You can also point to these parts on your dolls and your mommies.

You’ve become fascinated with belly buttons or as you call them, “beh-buh”. You’ll pull your shirt up several times a day to touch your belly button and pronounce its name. And then you’ll insist on seeing ours. You like to put your fingers in our belly buttons and laugh.

You’ve always liked being outside but this month you’ve become insistent on it. You love to push your cart up and down the sidewalks for what I’ve started calling your “adventure walks”. You touch the neighborhood plants and play with rocks and have a wonderful time.

You now can follow simple instructions. For example, we’ll say, “Kylie, it’s time to go upstairs” and you’ll crawl to the stairs and start going up them.

You’ve learned how to drink from a cup if we hold it for you. You can also easily drink through a straw. And you’ve started offering your sippy cup to your favorite dolls and make sipping noises for them.

We took you to a child’s shoe store and got you fitted with your first pair of “real” shoes. You wear a size four and we got you a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of sandals. We also took you to a pool for the first time and you loved it. We found a nine-inch wading pool at a nearby recreation center that is perfect for wading. You’ve enjoyed it so much that we’ve taken you several times this month.

Although you’ve started to assert your independence and will a bit in typical toddler fashion, overall you are an easy-going, happy, curious, loving little girl.

PS- the sunglasses photos have nothing to do with her 15 month update but they were too cute not to post. We took them yesterday with Karen's iPhone. If you zoom in on the bottom one, you'll see me with my usual open-mouth, incredibly loud laugh and Karen as she's giggling and clicking pictures.


Stacey said...

Happy 15 months!

No is a favourite word. You should check out Oscar the Grouch's no song. Go to and search for "Oscar no" and you'll find the song Riley adores:
Oscar teaches how to do the no dance.

Cute pictures!

Dee said...

Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing.

Love the pics! Too dang cute!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Thanks for sharing Kylie's 15 month milestones. It's fun to see how things were "different back then." :)

Cute pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Man, I would LOVE to walk around the corner in a bookstore and get a "Hi" from that adorable little face!