Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skinned knee

We were walking on the sidewalk late yesterday afternoon. Kylie saw some people ahead of her and wanted to flirt with them so she quickened her pace to a very fast walk. Sure enough, she got going too fast and lost her balance. She slid on her knees for half a foot. The good news was that she didn't even cry. She just got up and started smiling and flirting. The bad news was she DID start to cry when the water from the bathtub hit the skid burn.

And this is what it looks like this morning. Not too bad but I can tell that crawling on it bothers her. It is just the first of many I'm sure.


Stacey said...

aww poor girl. they get so many bumps and bruises...I guess learning how to move without falling over or banging into something isn't easy.

love the hide and seek picture.

Shauna said...

Maybe she'll start walking more to avoid crawling on it? We put Chicka in a dress one day that got in her way every time she tried to crawl. She's been walking consistently ever since. :)

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Sorry about the skinned knee. Ethan calls then "owies" and kisses them himself after we kiss them. He has so many on his knees and legs that I'm hoping they don't scar. I'm sure Kylie will be much more dainty and ge a lot less.

Soupy said...

poor girl. Too funny- K also fell last week outside pushing her walker and skinned HER knee on the pavement. It looks so bad :( - and I forgot to tell you, our K is also obsessed with Belly Buttons (of did I tell you? LOL I have no brain anymore!) Hope that the owie goes away fast and your little emerging walker gets more smooth :)